Thanks for attending VMUG!

The Cincinnati VMUG UserCon on November 2nd was a great success! Cincinnati executives were able to mix, mingle, and learn from top IT industry experts and hundreds of fellow professionals in our region.

In case you missed it, VMUG UserCon is a traveling conference that teaches information technology professionals about cloud infrastructure and business mobility and delivers in-depth information to help solve complex business challenges. The conference is dedicated to helping area professionals excel and thrive in the ever-changing and highly competitive IT industry. Key speakers were focused on helping IT professionals recognize key issues and how to solve them with innovative, real-world solutions. Information was also delivered on how professionals can evolve and excel in their career paths.

Educational sessions started after an initial welcome breakfast from the VMUG conference hosts. These sessions featured the latest industry trends and topics, gave an exclusive look to VMware, and offered product demonstrations. The event welcomed industry experts Cameron Haight, Rawlinson Rivera, and an expert panel that closed up the seminar with an in-depth Q&A session.

We were especially pleased to welcome VMUG UserCon as a resource for our region’s professionals to keep up with industry changes, trends, and learn new ways to excel their career and succeed in day-to-day projects. The Sharonville Convention Center is eager to host educational seminars for area executives as a resource to better their education and sharpen professional skills.

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