Standard Room Sets

Standard Room Set-up

Meeting Rooms will include the following complimentary:

  • Sharonville Convention Center - AtriumOne-time standard room set of tables and chairs
  • One Complimentary Podium and Hard Wired Microphone
  • House lighting; House sound; Heating or air conditioning during event hours and daily refresh
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in each meeting room
  • Two complimentary easels per event
  • Up to four pieces of riser provided complimentary per event


Exhibit Halls do NOT include carpet, pipe-and-drape or tables and chairs, however, City will provide:

  • House lighting; house sound; heating or air conditioning during event hours
  • A daily cleaning charge will be assessed in the Exhibit Hall.  This charge includes standard booth trash removal, perimeter trash removal from receptacles, and aisle sweeping/vacuuming.

West Hall:  $150.00
East Hall:  $150.00
Entire Exhibit Hall:  $300.00

All excessive trash removal, other equipment, products and services will be provided by the convention center at prevailing rates.

The City will provide an initial one-time standard room set-up per agreement. A room changeover or re-set fee will be applied if the initial set-up of the Rental Space is changed. Any early move-in or late move-out will be charged additional Rental Fee if space is available. Any additional room set-up outside of the above items will incur additional cost.