Ohio Valley Goodwill Hosts 16th Annual Homeless Awareness Dinner

Thank you, Ohio Valley Goodwill, for hosting yet another fun, warm, and joyous holiday dinner for families in need. The 16th annual “Homeless Awareness Dinner” was held at the Sharonville Convention Center on Thursday, December 14th and brought together over 300 individuals and families in the Cincinnati area struggling with homelessness. The staff at Sharonville Convention Center and Spectra Food Services were happy to volunteer their time to help organize this special evening.

The event offered a holiday meal, a visit from Santa for the kids, a DJ and dance floor. Queen City Transportation and Goodwill’s Special Projects team also coordinated transportation to help families and their loved ones travel from nine homeless shelters in the area to the event. “A special part of this wonderful evening is always the numerous volunteers who help to serve the dinner and make participants feel welcomed…and join in the festivities,” Ohio Valley Goodwill wrote in its newsletter. “This year, Ohio Valley Goodwill is especially thankful that Santa Pat was able to be part of the event as well as very appreciative of the support provided by True Light Church.” The full story about the event can be viewed at cincinnatigoodwill.org.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is very grateful to the Sharonville Convention Center and Spectra Food Services and Hospitality along with the many wonderful volunteers who helped make this important holiday and community outreach event possible each year,” said Sharon Hannon, the Marketing Manager of the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. The Sharonville Convention Center team and our partners will always be happy to help our local community, regardless of what needs to be done or who needs to be helped. If your organization is interested in hosting a charitable event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to start a conversation.   

If you are interested in getting involved with helping your local community in 2018, we encourage you to check out Goodwill’s programs and services geared towards helping our homeless community at www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.