SecureWorld Expo | Are you at risk for a cybersecurity attack?

The threat of cybersecurity is closer than you think. Most likely you are currently on your phone, computer, or tablet, and at this moment youare at risk! Cybersecurity attacks are very real and can have huge repercussions in each of our lives. What used to be thought of as a hacker sitting in their dark basement alone has now escalated into organized crime groups that form all over the world and growing in force every day.

What hope do we have in fighting against cyber criminals?

For over 16 years, SecureWorld has successfully fought back against cybercriminals and has made it their mission to inform, equip and encourage communities of IT Professionals. They host conferences all over the United States with some of the top industry experts, thought leaders, practitioners and solution providers.

The 4th Annual SecureWorld Cincinnati Conference was held at the Sharonville Convention Center on October 17, 2018. Every part of the conference’s agenda is developed in collaboration by local security leaders in the tristate area, which provides critical information on the most relevant topics.

Bruce Sussman, SecureWorld Media Development Director commented that “the location of the Sharonville Convention Center is fantastic. It’s right off I-75 highway, in the heart of so many great companies nearby which makes it perfect for a convention. The food is great and faculty are very nice – it’s a win all around!”

Many industries such as financial, aviation and technology are represented at SecureWorld Conferences. “This conference brings the brightest minds in cybersecurity and allows them to fight back against the hackers. You will have companies that compete against each other in every other way, but come together and are united in cybersecurity,” says Bruce Sussman.

Keynote speaker, Deneen DeFiore, SVP, Global Chief Information & Product Security Officer at GE Aviation said “every 2 seconds, somewhere in the world a plane powered by GE engines takes off. They are all connected computers. Protecting the security of that is about saving lives and protecting all of us in so many different ways. Airplanes are flying computer networks in so many ways.”

Another Keynote speaker, Steve Brown, The Bald Futurist, and CEO of Possibility & Purpose , was a former Futurist for Intel. He provided eye-opening, forward-thinking information from his travels around the world having seen the latest technology. He spoke of the future of AI and how it has already impacted us and “there are things that will occur that haven’t been thought, but somewhere someone is using AI to discover it.”

SecureWorld Cincinnati will be back at the Sharonville Convention Center on May 16, 2019! Until then, feel free to visit and follow on Twitter @secureworld