10 Tips to Make Event Planning Less Stressful

10 Tips to Make Event Planning Less Stressful

Let’s get real, event planning is stressful. At any given time, you’re bombarded with multiple projects and deadlines, and you end up feeling like every detail comes down to the wire. This is when you start chugging Diet Cokes at 10 pm to stay sharp and finish up last minute to-dos. If you’re an event planner, a little stress is inevitable, but panicked overwhelm is unreasonable. Here are a few tips we found to make your job easier:  

1. Start Early

Planning an event is an enormous task. Give yourself as much time as possible to collect everything you need to make the event run smoothly. This will also allow you to jump on your client’s top choices for everything from venue to caterer. 

2. Use Event Software

If you’re looking to maximize event ROI, try using event software when planning and managing your next event. These tools can save you time and create an integrated brand experience for your attendees. 

3. Use Event Tools

Other important event tools, such as, the project management app, Trello, and marketing automation tool, Hubspot, allow a much calmer event planning process. Do a little research and discover the best kind of technology for your event planning needs. There are so many exciting options available.

4. Create a Timeline

Create a timeline and stick to it. Having a clear timeline of what needs to be done when will help keep you on track and prevent last-minute scrambling.

5. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

Delegate tasks to trusted individuals or teams. Trying to do everything yourself will only lead to burnout. Spread the load by delegating tasks to others who can help you execute your vision.

6. Create a Budget

Make a budget and stick to it. One of the quickest ways to blow your event budget is by impulse buying or not keeping track of expenses. Know how much you have to spend upfront and then stick to that number as closely as possible.

7. Keep Your Attendees in Mind

Keep your attendees in mind. As you’re planning your event, always keep your attendees in mind. What will they want to see and experience? How can you make the event memorable for them?

8. Focus on the Priority

Be sure to prioritize your time and efforts to maximize productivity. The more focused you are on the right projects at the right time the more successful you will be. Try to set aside projects that don’t require your full attention at that moment.

9. Find Volunteers

Not every event staff member needs to be a hired one. Finding event volunteers is possible especially if your event is hosted by a non-profit organization or if it’s for a charitable cause. 

10. Set Clear Boundaries and Expectations

Not everything will go according to plan and you should plan for that! Set realistic boundaries and expectations for yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically and stick to them. 

By following these tips, you can make event planning much easier and less stressful. Streamlining the process will allow you to focus on executing a successful event that your attendees will love!