How to Stand Out as an Event Planner in 2023

1. Plan environmentally friendly events 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate retreat or your kid’s end-of-school party, making environmentally friendly choices can create an inspiring atmosphere that everyone can feel good about. 

Here’s the key: make it easy for guests to be green! Things like clearly labeling recycling, compost and trash bins and providing examples for each take the guesswork out of where people’s scraps go. Opting for plastic-free and compostable tableware is another great option! There are endless ways to make green swaps, it just takes a little time to research and implement! 

Offering environmentally friendly options to clients elevates your look and offerings and allows clients to make choices they feel good about. With one simple suggestion of green alternatives, you’ve made the event a force for good and something even more meaningful for guests. 

2. Create mini-events throughout the entire larger event

This little trick keeps the night moving and keeps guests comfortably entertained during setups and potentially long transitions. 

Cocktail hour? Consider adding live music to liven it up! Set up photo-ops and games at doors open before the event officially begins. Setting up “memorable moments” throughout the event creates a sense of movement and energy and allows guests to connect and make personal memories beyond the larger event. 

Creating these mini-moments can take the pressure off of the larger event and can set your clients at ease. It can also make the planning portion more digestible and fun for the client. Thinking about one large event can be overwhelming, but breaking down the evening into bite-sized bits makes the client feel more in control, empowered and helped by you! 

3. Niche-down and do it well 

Doing what you do loud and proud puts your clients at ease and gives you an edge as an event planner. Whenever businesses, brides, schools or tired parents are planning their first event, they rely on their event planner to think of everything they’ve missed and take care of elusive details. 

One of the best things you can do for your clients is to clearly communicate everything that’s in your brain so they can feel at ease that you’ve truly thought of everything. If you’re working with a new bride, getting her preferences and ideas and then adding what you’ve seen work best can create a beautiful partnership that can give her peace of mind on her big day. 

Anyone you work with doesn’t know what they don’t know. When you fill in the gaps, trust is built and you’ll stand out! 

Following these three simple tips can help make 2023 your best year yet! Let us know how implementing these strategies works for you!