A different kind of beauty pageant

If you want to see a pageant that breaks stereotypes, we invite you to attend American Royal Beauties at the Sharonville Convention Center July 30 thru August 3.

American Royal Beauties is a natural scholarship pageant that believes in empowering women so they can empower others. The show emphasizes the importance of community service and inner beauty.

American Royal Beauties focuses on developing young ladies into future leaders of tomorrow with good moral values, goals and community presence. The show teaches participants to be positive role models and to lead by example. Each contestant will have an opportunity to shine on stage. No pageant experience is required to participate. This is the perfect stepping stone to helping young ladies learn the importance of effective communication, the role of attire, invaluable life skills, and wining interview techniques.

The organization’s national community service goal is to partner with other organizations that support and empower women. The mission of American Royal Beauties is to teach young women about the heart of service and being a part of a family that builds and encourages. It’s greatest desire is that all contestants and their families have a fun and relaxing pageant weekend, and that every girl walks away with precious memories and life-long friends. You can visit this website for more information.

We hope to see you there!