August | Director’s Thoughts

In May of this year, the Sharonville Convention Center team hosted a small tasting for local non-profit The HealthCare Connection as part of our planning of its 50th-anniversary party.   During our luncheon, I had the pleasure of meeting the organization’s President and Founder, Dolores Lindsay and was honored to hear the story of how this incredible organization was founded. I was deeply inspired by the tale, moved to learn that the idea to start the organization began from Dolores’ one bedroom apartment to providing more than 18,000 individuals in our region with better access to quality healthcare. I wondered how many others in our community hadn’t heard this story. This was the spark that motivated the Sharonville Convention Center’s new story campaign: Get Inspired.

Get Inspired is a series of both digital and print advertisements sponsored by the SCC that will educate the public on various organizations and businesses who bring events to Sharonville. We’ll share stories about missions, successes, and how these organizations and teams impact our greater community. The Sharonville Convention Center hosts so many events that have great stories behind them. We’d love for you to know these stories.

I believe it is important to clarify that we are much more than a facility that is focused on simply churning out event after event. The Convention Center has always been focused on creating long-term partnerships, and to do so, we aspire to support those who do business with us in different and unique ways. My team and I strongly believe in elevating our partners and keeping true with our mission: to be much more than just a space you can rent. Our business is about creating a unique experience, celebrating cultures, and embracing missions that uplift our community.

The HealthCare Connection story was featured in the July 2017 issue of Cincinnati Magazine, and can be viewed here! It is a beautiful story and wonderfully written. I encourage you to take a moment to read and learn about this great organization in our local community.

Additional Get Inspired stories will include the Council on Aging, My Furry Valentine, Strong Cincinnati, A-Marika Dance, and HorrorHound. I am pleased so share that the campaign has already been nominated by Ohio Magazine for the 2017 Ruby Awards, in innovative ways to market a service. Stay tuned to Facebook as we share these stories throughout the year.

I hope to see you soon in Sharonville.

Best Regards,

Jim Downton