Expanding our commitment to you.

Dear Friends,

Hosting great events for producers, vendors and attendees is the mission of the Sharonville Convention
Center. That means superior facilities, a convenient location with plenty of parking, flexible space, top-
notch food and beverage and a passion for customer service.

It also means ensuring the safety and security of our guests.

Toward that end, the Center is implementing a new program that will feature on-site security and
paramedics for all our events. The Center has hired a full-time security supervisor that will work with event
producers on detailed guest and vendor safety plans. We have also entered into an agreement with Tri-
Health to provide an on-site paramedic for our events to manage any medical emergencies and
coordinate as needed with our local EMS provider.

Just like we expanded our physical space to better serve you, we are expanding our efforts to keep you
safe and secure. That’s what you should expect from the tri-state’s leading event venue.

I hope to see you here soon.