OSAP meets for the first time at the Sharonville Convention Center

For the first time ever, the Ohio Society of Association Professionals (OSAP) met at the Sharonville Convention Center, providing the Center with exposure to an important source of meeting and convention business. Center leadership is confident the meeting on June 23 will lead to an increase in bookings.

OSAP is known as the ‘association of associations’ for association professionals of Ohio professional societies, trade associations and convention and visitors bureaus as well as representatives of supplier and service providers to the association community. The organization provides products and services that enhance growth, development and professional expertise among its membership and is a leading resource of specialized learning experiences for industry professionals.

“Associations are extremely important to the Center because they book a lot of meetings and conventions,” said Sharonville Convention Center Executive Director Jim Downton. “OSAP is the organization they all belong to. Having a group like that at the Center allows us to showcase what we do and where we do it. We fully expect this meeting to lead to business for the Center.”

Jarrod Clabaugh, CAE, OSAP’s President and CEO, was impressed with the Center. “Jim and his team did a phenomenal job with our meeting,” said Clabaugh. “I know many of our attendees want to have an event at the property.”

The timing of the OSAP meeting was particularly helpful, as it allowed the Center to showcase its $24 million expansion. That expansion features the new Todd Portune Hall, at 40,000 square feet the largest flexible space in the county during the renovation of the Duke Energy Convention Center. The expansion also includes Northern Lights Café, a first-in-class free-standing bar and restaurant, and Aurora Marketplace, centered on the grab-and-go concept of fresh foods and beverages. It will also provide three new entrances, more restrooms, upgraded technology, complimentary wi-fi and additional box office capacity.

OSAP attendees also saw first-hand the additional meeting and convention amenities in Sharonville, including two new hotels and a new brewery right across from the Center.

“We have a great story to tell, and we couldn’t ask for a better audience to tell that to than the members of OSAP,” said Downton.