Improvement is a Work in Progress | A Word from the Director | October 2017

“We’re done with improving.” Do you know anyone who has ever voiced that statement? At the Sharonville Convention Center, that’s certainly not our mindset.

For our team, improvement is an ongoing development that needs to be addressed on a regular basis. That’s why we’re invested in quarterly staff training sessions. Our goal is to keep our services operating at an optimal level because we believe this not only adds value to our Convention Center guests but to each one of our employee’s professional development.

At the beginning of this year, with the Hyatt Place opening imminent, we wanted to give our team the tools they needed to be prepared for increased attendance volume and events. We contacted Fred Pryor Seminars and invested all of our staff to have 4 training sessions during the course of 2017.

These staff trainings focus on customer service, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and top traits of highly successful teams. Each training program begins with a team assessment, which gives the team a current understanding of where it stands and identifies some areas for improvement. Our team was eager to work as a group to complete the training with a goal of creating a clear understanding of our organization’s purpose and each employee’s role in the mission and vision of the Sharonville Convention Center.

The key outcome of our staff training is a major confidence booster and recognizable improved guest satisfaction. Confidence was a key element that gave our staff more knowledge of their tasks and their roles in our organization. We believe training is a long-term commitment and a way to improve the benefit, not only to our guests but to our staff members as well.

If your organization is looking for ways to improve staff morale and teamwork, Fred Pryor Seminars is a great option for quality team building sessions and workshops to improve for the better. Check out his website at

I hope to see you soon in Sharonville.

Best Regards,

Jim Downton



2K Payday | A Word from the Director | September 2017


The Sharonville Convention Center team is so pleased with the grand opening and addition of the Hyatt Place Hotel. Having beautiful accommodations within such close proximity has allowed our facility to offer even better service and amenities to our guests—something we’re always striving to do.

We’d like to invite you to celebrate our new 125-room Hyatt Place with an exciting $2k value promotion. If you choose to host your next meeting or event at the Sharonville Convention Center before the end of 2017, you’ll receive over $2,000 in savings.

Receive complimentary:

+ Morning or afternoon break packages with the purchase of a full breakfast or lunch. ($1,000 value based on the minimum of 100 persons.)

+ Break-out meeting rooms with the purchase of a general session room ($600 value based on the minimum of 100 persons. 1 complimentary room per each 100 persons).

+ Audio visual screen and projector ($400 value).

+ Discounted hotel room rates at the Hyatt Place Sharonville Convention Center hotel.

+ Hyatt Place hotel room during your event (a $169 value per night).

Contact us to book your event (513) 771-7744 or by visiting

I look forward to seeing you in Sharonville.


Best Regards,

Jim Downton

The Northern Lights District: A District in Motion

Word From The Director | SEPTEMBER 2017

Sharonville’s population is 13,000. During the day, it swells to 40,000 due to our vibrant businesses and attractions. Chris Xeil Lyons, Sharonville’s Economic Development Director, expressed her satisfaction with our region’s growth by saying, “As the Northern Lights District responsibly and increasingly grows, Sharonville has seen a surge in its ability to offer new jobs, better hospitality, accessibility, stability, and growth.”

In the past few years, Sharonville has come to grow significantly with available land, businesses, attractions and office space seized by major corporations such as Ford, Gorilla Glue, and General Electric, as well as business leaders and entrepreneurs who want the amenities of a big city, without the hassle of being downtown. Currently, the Northern Lights District offers plots for available land, building space, and office space to purchase in a region that is just 15 miles north of downtown Cincinnati and regional attractions from our own Convention Center, the Viking Village Sports and Performance Complex, the Ramada Plaza Conference and Event Center, Splash Cincinnati, award-winning restaurants, and much more.

With significant growth comes greater attention. To better serve inquiries and request for information about the momentum in the Northern Lights District, it is currently developing a completely re-branded website, which fully embodies the spirit and evolution of the region. We are thrilled with the look and feel of the district’s digital presence.

It’s a great time to be in Sharonville as we make strides towards monumental growth and building a sustainable environment for all to enjoy. Join us!

To learn more about available space in the Northern Lights District, contact Chris Xeil Lyons at or 513-563-1144.

I hope to see you soon in Sharonville.

Best Regards,

Jim Downton
Executive Director